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Food Authentication Using Portable Sensors: Addressing Food Fraud and Food Mislabelling

Prof Hui Wang, Queen's University Belfast;
Prof Louise Manning, University of Lincoln

Restore Trust in Your Food: Portable Food Authentication on the Go

Worried about food fraud and mislabelling? You're not alone. These issues erode consumer confidence in the agri-food system, leaving us questioning the authenticity of what we eat. This project proposes an innovative solution: a portable food authenticator that leverages everyday technology to rebuild trust.

Imagine this: Using your smartphone and a user-friendly app, you can analyse food samples on-site, anywhere from the grocery store to a restaurant table. Forget expensive lab tests and lengthy waits. This system empowers you with real-time results, ensuring the food you choose is what it claims to be.

Here's how it works:
Portable sensors: We'll utilise readily available technology like smartphone cameras or dedicated sensors to analyse food samples.

Machine learning: Sophisticated algorithms, trained on real data, will identify food types, detect adulteration, and even uncover discrepancies between labelled information and the actual food composition.

Seamless user experience: Our app integrates with the chosen sensors, allowing you to capture data and receive real-time analysis results.

The impact is far-reaching.
Empowered Consumers: Gain confidence in your food choices, potentially reducing foodborne illnesses and fostering informed decision-making.
Enhanced Transparency: Food producers and retailers are incentivised to maintain honest practices, deterring food fraud and rebuilding trust in the agri-food system.
Regulation Made Easier: This portable tool can become a valuable asset for regulatory bodies, facilitating more efficient food safety inspections.

Beyond food safety, this system can:
Raise awareness about mislabelling practices, advocating for accurate labelling.
Benefit consumers with specific dietary needs and allergen concerns.

This portable food authentication system holds the power to revolutionise the agri-food system. By empowering stakeholders and promoting transparency, we can rebuild trust and ensure a safer, more reliable food experience for everyone. Join us in restoring trust, one bite at a time!

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Interview date

Thursday, 9th May

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