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Novel Applications of Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Veterinary Ultrasound Scanners

Christos Tachtatzis, University of Strathclyde; Prof Sam Martin, University of Aberdeen; Fraser Hamilton, IMV Imaging (UK) Ltd (Industry Supervisor)

Research Aims

IMV imaging and SUSTAIN are looking to collaborate on an exciting PhD to improve sustainability in the aquaculture industry through the combination of ultrasound and AI. Fish production for human consumption is increasing globally to meet food demands from a growing population. The aquaculture industry is predicted to provide the vast majority of additional growth to global fish production in the next decade, though with significant uncertainty due to the impacts of climate change. Interventions must therefore be introduced to de-risk the impact of climate change on this growing industry. The goal of this impactful collaboration is to monitor fish health, reduce the risk of disease and improve efficiency in the industry.

IMV imaging, part of the IMV Technologies Group, are specialists in veterinary imaging providing solutions for ultrasound, endoscopy, x-ray, CT, MRI and PACS to veterinarians globally. Our equipment is designed and manufactured in-house by the IMV team of scientists and engineers or sourced through their relationships with the world’s leading healthcare and imaging providers.

The successful candidate, working across institutions within SUSTAIN, will be supported by a multi-disciplinary team of experts in AI, ultrasonic imaging, and aquatic ecology. The successful student will develop a sound understanding of the motivation for the PhD with a combination of a literature review and site visits, then leverage the wide array of support available with this collaboration to conduct transformative research into improving sustainability in the aquaculture industry.

The successful student will gain knowledge of the latest developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence as applied to radiology; have opportunities to visit aquaculture facilities both in the UK and globally; and have the opportunity to work embedded in industry at IMV Imaging headquarters.

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